Kenny has a new article published on the CSI website:

The Xbox Kinect and Paranormal Investigation

Ghost hunters absolutely love their gadgets. Simple observations show that technology attracts ghost hunters like moths to the blue glow of a bug zapper. It’s the “sciencey” aspect of it; gadgets make it look like one is being all scientific, with blinking lights and noises that reach excited peaks. Sadly, the majority of gadgets that are being used by ghost hunting teams are about as useful as a car muffler in the shower. In other words, they are completely useless. But that doesn’t stop groups from adapting any and every piece of cool tech to the cause of “proving” ghosts float among us.

In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed a new addition to the ghost hunting arsenal—the Xbox Kinect. Paranormal teams were plugging them into laptop computers and claiming the devices were able to track spirit entities that happened to appear in a room that was being monitored. As of this writing, portable versions of the device—basically a Kinect, a power source, and a tablet on a handle—have become extremely popular with paranormalists due to the freedom they provide and their various appearances on popular TV shows.

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