Sharon reviews The Zozo Phenomenon by Darren Evans and Rosemary Ellen Guiley in this post: The manufactured, badly-behaved Ouija demon: Zozo.

Everyone has their strange unexplained spooky stories. Paranormal stories are often not like Hollywood horror but they can creep people out. Darren Evans begins this book with a story of an unusual ouija board that unexpectedly came into his possession. He says that it had been discovered along with four glass jars containing dead blackbirds. Was this the result of a ritual from previous owners who considered the board special in some way? Perhaps. One side of the board had the word ZOZO inscribed. Zozo is the Basque word for ‘blackbird’.

Evans has woven a paranormal narrative based on this Zozo board into a website, media appearances, paranormal research effort, and this book. He tells many stories connecting several horrific events in his life and that of his friends and family to an evil force that came from the board and followed him like a curse. Things got “Hollywood” real fast. There are scads of good reasons to be doubtful of the accuracy and conclusions made in this book. My aim here is to point them out for the reader to consider if belief in Ouija board supernaturality is on your agenda.

See the full review which contains an extensive breakdown of the claims in the book regarding the behavior and historicity of the Zozo entity.