A surreptitious video by teacher Paul Day is creating a buzz about the possible survival of the thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger (tassie).

A SOUTH Australian schoolteacher has filmed what he believes could be a thylacine in farmland near Moonta on the Yorke Peninsula.Paul Day, 52, captured the footage at dawn on June 30 when he was scouting for a location to take sunrise photographs.

Source: Is this a Tassie tiger in South Australia?

Is it still alive in far North Queensland?

Source: Does this Footage Prove the Tassie Tiger’s Existence? | National Geographic AU

Those hopeful of finding evidence of living thylacines also can potentially use DNA tests to see if a member of the population is still around, using ponds as drinking spots and leaving biological traces.

The thylacine was last known to be alive in Tasmania in the 1930s and was extinct long before than on the mainland of Australia. The evidence for its survival since then is based on eyewitness accounts. Several reported sightings have been dogs or foxes instead. The animal filmed here has the odd running gate and thick tail associated with the thylacine. No additional supporting evidence, however, was reported to be found in the area.