An abandoned school in Bryan, Texas is not plagued by ghosts but by ghost hunters illegally trespassing. There is no historical evidence backing up the claims of those who say it’s haunted.

Nonetheless, countless people have broken into the school to ghost-hunt, and this year two groups of young people have been arrested. In January, several teams carrying a Ouija board were caught inside the school and arrested by Bryan police. On Wednesday, three men and a woman — all in their 20s — were taken to jail after entering the property.

Source: Bowie school investor: Sorry, it’s not haunted |

Spooky properties are a draw for stupid thrill-seekers. Obviously, you are not entitled to enter private property without permission just because you think it’s “haunted” even if you claim it is part of an “investigation”.

Once the property is refurbished, it’s likely the trouble will lessen.