Kenny Biddle is featured at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry’s upcoming annual conference.

One of the points I want to get across is what kind of weird things you can do with long exposures. So many ghost hunters, Bigfoot hunters, and UFO hunters are using cameras, yet many only know how to “point and shoot.” We’re going to see what happens when the lights are low and we turn the flash off. We’re going to see how time and light affect images. We’re also going to duplicate (as best we can) the most famous ghost photo out there. You’ll have to show up to find out which one.

We’re also going go over some basic photography and the common “ghosts.” Audiences usually contain photographers of varying skill levels, from casual camera owners that only know to “push the button” to pros that own thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. We’ll cover how orbs and ecto mists are created and apparitions from “shadow people” to phone apps.

Oh, and if anyone has seen my videos or blog posts, they know I have a slight tendency to curse when a topic really pisses me off. I try to be PG during conferences, but you should be warned just in case.

Source: Kenny Biddle at CSICon: You Are Going to Love His Workshop! – CSI