This video shows a smokey mist to the side of the camera and in front. At no time do we see the origin point or source of the smoke. The smoke resembles… smoke or condensate, not anything more strange than that. Yet, we are told that this is “paranormal activity”.

Oh, BAR, how low you are set!

Sorry, paranormal promoters, this is very silly.

Source: Paranormal activity? ‘Black mist’ captured in Magnolia Hotel video |

We don’t have set characteristics for ghosts so it is invalid to assume that smokey mists are ghosts. The smoke in this example is not very spooky as it can be reproduced with various devices – vaping pens, atomizers, nebulizers, personal humidifiers, a piece of dry ice, etc, just out of the frame. So, it is logical to assume that whatever caused the smoke was not paranormal, but very down-to-earth. It is absurd to jump to a conclusion that this observation represents spirits of the dead caught on camera. Ghost hunters have to come up with way WAY better evidence than this stuff if they wish to “prove” the paranormal as they continually claim they are doing. The evidence for the paranormal is no better than it was 200 years ago. A parade of poorly substantiated anomalies do not add up to solid conclusions.

Nevertheless, those who desperately wish to promote belief in the paranormal will use even these silly examples of “evidence” to support their agenda. Their agenda is not to find out what is really going on in this video.