Unsolved Mysteries, with Robert Stack as host, ran on NBC from 1987-1997, CBS from 1997–1999, Lifetime from 2001–2002, and had a revival without Stack on Spike (2008–2010). The show used recreated scenes of supposed real-life events to tell stories of hauntings, UFOs, monsters, and murder. The show was highly influential for many who later formed their own paranormal research groups.

Paranormal reality TV isn’t going away anytime soon but it does change with the times. Unsolved Mysteries may be coming back this year. There is plenty of sensational fodder to cover, no doubt! Will it succeed or will it be just another short-lived retro indulgence? It looks like we will see soon enough.

Source: Syfy The creators of Unsolved Mysteries plan to revive the investigative horror series this year