People are very quick to jump to paranormal conclusions and run to the local news when there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that what they have to show is anything unusual.

This surveillance video from Clovis, New Mexico almost certaintly shows a regular person walking by yet the local news stations report it as paranormal activity.

Creepy image caught on Clovis family’s surveillance camera

They saw the image during dinner Tuesday night. It looks like a person, an another-worldly form.

Their explanation? It’s a ghost.

Note that the observers note they can see arms and legs and it looks like a person but then conclude it’s not. Weird. Why make the illogical leap to say it’s NOT a person, it’s a former person? The need to feel like they had a special experience? The wish for the supernatural to be real? About half the commenters felt this video was absurd and should not have been “news”, the other half are creeped out. This is a strange situation we live in when just as many people easily believe a baseless claim about an enchanted world when an obvious answer is available.

Kenny weighs in.