About the ARS

Network of experienced researchers of diverse backgrounds who investigate paranormal and anomalous claims.


Mission: To be ethical, evidence-based, rational investigators by reaching scientifically sound conclusions regarding extraordinary claims. We do this by first establishing the validity of the claim through examination and fact-checking, consulting with professionals, and documenting the cases for the purposes of education and public understanding.

This is not another gadget-laden ghost chasing crew.  ARS is not about playing pretend scientist or “proving” anything. Members take very seriously the role of paranormal belief in society and understand that personal experiences perceived as paranormal are emotional and frightening.

Started by a geologist and photographer, we aim to provide a unique objective evaluation of paranormal and anomalous events and claims – hauntings, ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot or other mystery animals, natural anomalies, and strange events.

Sharon Hill, P.G., EdM, is a geologist specializing in science and society as well as public outreach. She is the creator and editor of the unique critical thinking blog DoubtfulNews.com that casts an informed and skeptical eye on questionable topics that appear in the media such as the paranormal, alternative medicine claims, pseudoscience, and anomalies. For 20 years, she has researched and written about the paranormal, monsters, and natural phenomena for various websites and publications. She has extensive experience investigating complex geologic problems, working with industry, citizen and municipal groups, and explaining technical and scientific concepts to the public. She owns Lithospherica, LLC, a private consulting operation. Contact lithospherica@gmail.com Visit SharonAHill.com

Ken Biddle is a self-taught photographer, researcher, and paranormal photographic evidence specialist. He is a photography consultant for MUFON, and creator of “I am Kenny Biddle” YouTube channel and Blog that addresses paranormal topics, methods, equipment, and evidence. He writes, lectures and conducts training classes on paranormal photography. Contact parainvestigator@comcast.net


Submit video or photo evidence to ContactUs@anomaliesresearchsociety.com and/or parainvestigator@comcast.net
Before submitting, please refer to this document regarding the media format.

Submit reports of anomalous events, questions or requests for consultation to ContactUs@anomaliesresearchsociety.com

ARS is not accepting unsolicited members.

ARS is based in Pennsylvania and representatives are available for field work in PA and surrounding states. Free consultation is available for any case worldwide.

Updated 8-February-2017

One thought on “About the ARS

  1. RandyDandy

    Congratulations on the launch of your new ARS venture. You bring excellent scientific credentials to these areas of study, which are much welcome and sorely needed. I wish you every success in your endeavors.



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