Anomalies Research Society

Evidence-based investigation of paranormal claims and anomalies

Photo/Video Submissions

If you would like to submit photographs or videos for analysis and investigation, please read and carefully follow these guidelines.

Additional information is requested to accompany your files/photos submission. Your evidence will be reviewed to a higher standard and, as with any investigation, the more data collected the more accurate the findings will be. We appreciate your cooperation towards efforts to get to the best conclusion.

Digital Images

      1. All digital images must be the original, unedited image file. Please do not alter the image in any way (cropping, lighten, enhance, etc.). The original file(usually) contains specific information within the Exchangeable Image File Format (“EXIF”). This file stores important information such as Make/Model of camera used, Date/Time the image was taken, Aperture, ISO, Exposure Time, as well as other information. This can be used to verify the witness information and help to determine the specific cause of the anomaly. Additional images that have been cropped and/or enhanced may accompany the original image file.Modified images are not accepted without an original, unedited copy.
        RAW Files are preferred when available.
      2. Smartphone and Tablet Images. ARS will undertake a process to compare such images to a database of images from paranormal themed phone apps.
      3. Scanned Images should be saved at the highest resolution possible, and no less than 300 dpi.

Film Prints

  1. Do not send any size smaller than 4×6. Larger sizes are strongly encouraged. As with Digital Images, please send original prints in which the image has not been cropped or enhanced.
  2. Please include the negatives of the print and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope so we may return the negatives to you. The negatives are requested in the event we need to have a larger print made (to get a better look) and also to verify that anomalies are not the product of the developing process.

Video Clips

  1. Videos clips should be at least two minutes in length in addition to the duration of the anomalous event. Please clip the video with at least one minute prior to the event, and one minute after the event. This allows a better understanding of the context and details surrounding the event. Longer clips are encouraged.
  2. Video clips should be original and unedited. Please do not enhance the video prior to sending it for review. Enhancements can distort images, if not done properly.

Additional Information

Please provide the following information with your submission as appropriate:

    1. Camera Details. The Make & Model of the camera used, as well as the date the photograph was taken.
    2. Include a detailed description of the events. Tell us about the details surrounding when the image/video was captured. Important details include –

a. Location of scene

i. City, state, country, etc.
ii. House, apartment, historic building, etc.
iii. Indoors – specific room, floor, building, etc.
iv. Outdoors – field, cemetery, yard, etc.

b. Time of day

c. Weather conditions

i. Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure
ii. Rain, snow, sun

d. Everyone present during filming

e. Why the photograph / video was taken — Paranormal event, investigation, taken at random, etc.

f. Any other details relevant to the image / video

      1. Provide reference images, if available. If available, please provide additional reference images that pertain to your image —

a. Multiple Views of Room/Area – This allows us to see all objects, furniture, doorways, windows, hidden/blocked areas, etc.

b. Individuals in Attendance – Helps to identify particular individuals, hairstyles, personal items they’re carrying, and the clothing they’re wearing: hats, jackets, sneakers, etc.

c. Objects of Interest – If a specific object is the focus of your image or video please provide additional images of the object in question. Take several different angles, as well as close up images of specific details relevant to situation.

      1. Additional questions and information may be required, as each case can present unusual circumstances and scenarios.

Please Note: Images and video will be reviewed as they are received. Responses may take a few days in order to go over the information, perform additional research if needed, and to consult with experienced professionals in our network.

Understand that we will present you with the most plausible conclusion based on our combined knowledge, research and experience. This may not always be in agreement with what you would like to hear. Often times the details within an image or video do not coincide with the information eyewitnesses provide. Humans are very prone to making observational mistakes especially in stressful situations and our memories are very fallible. In these cases we must follow all the recorded data to the most logical conclusion.

There will instances where an explanation cannot be found. This does not mean that the image or video is evidence of paranormal or anomalous activity. It simply means we do not have sufficient information to understand and identify what was recorded. Such examples will be determined “unknown” until new information becomes available.

Special Thanks to the Contributors of these Guidelines:
Paul Michael Kane –
Bobby Tingle –
Traci Law –

Authored by Kenny Biddle


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