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Testing the Vortex Dome

By Kenny Biddle

I’ve seen this device, among many others, mentioned on several ghost hunting sites over the last year. In 2014, I had the opportunity to observe the Vortex Dome in person during a paranormal-themed event at a historic New Jersey library. After experiencing a demonstration by a ghost hunting team – which included the LEDs flashing at random times (many times in response to the movements of people sitting at the table), I began to question the device’s functions and claimed ability to detect paranormal activity, which was promoted by the team. The discussion did not go well, with the team offering guesses instead of solid answers and even making up information on the spot to save face. It was evident that this team had no idea what the device really did, or how it did it (which is a common issue throughout the paranormal community).

VD1After departing this situation, I had gone down to the vender area where I met Bob Christopher, the man who makes the Vortex Dome. He stated, quite clearly, that the only claim he makes is that “it picks up static electricity. I never claimed it detected ghosts”. Bob then offered to send me one, so I could look into myself. He was truly interested in what I thought. A few weeks later, I received the device in the mail. It was accompanied with a information sheet about the device. Continue reading